Asian-Style Tofu & Edamame

This dinner is very simple, very easy, and not too fancy. Very few ingredients are involved, but it’s so delicious (and vegan)! It’s no secret how much I love tofu, but I love edamame just as much. It is so healthy, easy to make, and tasty with nothing more than sea salt.

1 Package firm tofu (drained)
Garlic Powder
Soy Sauce
Teryaki Sauce
Pad Thai Sauce (replace Soy and Teryaki sauces with this, if desired)
1 bag frozen shelled edamame
Sea Salt

Drain tofu either in a tofu press, or by placing it between towels with something heavy on top. Chop tofu into small pieces and place in tupperware container with lid. Sprinkle garlic powder (about a teaspoon, but more if you’re a garlic fanatic like me and vice versa) over the chopped tofu. Pour soy sauce and teryaki sauce over the tofu (about a 1:2 ratio of soy to teryaki sauce), until tofu is coated, and only a little bit of sauce is pooling at the bottom of the container. Let sit for 30 minutes, shaking up the container every 5 minutes.

After it is finished marinating, throw the tofu in a frying pan or wok (no oil necessary) on medium heat, and stir/flip tofu until it’s crispy and browned on all sides.












While you are preparing the tofu, cook your package of shelled edamame following the package directions. Once hot, top with desired amount of sea salt.

You can choose to mix these up with your tofu or have them on the side. Either way they are delicious! I love the shelled variety in recipes, but as a snack, I prefer the unshelled kind. If you bring them to work or school as a snack, it gives the sea salt a chance to soak into the shell and it is tasty hot or cold. I didn’t pair this dinner with a bev(erage) since my bar is a little understocked right now, but it would taste delicious with the Japanese beer, Sapporo. It is light without being watery, and would be perfect with this healthy dish.


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Author:Danielle Kay Riendeau

Photographer & designer. Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Food Blogger at Pink Troll Kitchen.


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