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Caprese Nachos with Pine Nuts

On Saturdays I always feel the need to create a delicious, savory lunch from scratch since during the week I’m usually rushing to eat canned soup (Amy’s organic….delicious), or something of that nature. I hadn’t been to the store in a while so I had to work with the basic things I had on hand, […]

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New Nachos

Lately I’ve been trying to make some foods in a Mexican style but with different ingredients. My favorite burrito of all time contains black beans, spinach, jack cheese, and fresh salsa. It is amazing, so I attempted to translate this burrito into a delicious nachos snack, and it was perfect! Tortilla Chips (I like Tostitos […]

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Willy Nilly Chili

I call this dish Willy Nilly Chili because you can throw in ingredients “willy nilly” without messing up the recipe. I’ve made this chili dozens of time and I don’t think I’ve made it the exact same way twice, but it always turns out great. I originally based this recipe off of one in a […]

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