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Red Bridge: Gluten Free Beer Review

Going gluten-free after my Celiac diagnosis wasn’t too hard…except for the beer. I am a beer enthusiast (fancy phrase for liking to drink?) so switching to gluten-free beer, which I hadn’t heard much about, was going to be difficult. The first beer I tried is possibly the most widely-available gluten-free beer out there. They seem […]

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Rainbow Quinoa

I am so excited to share this recipe, because I not only made quinoa for the first time, but I completely made up the recipe! True, this is not very complex and there are not too many spices involved, but having never cooked quinoa before it could have turned out disastrous. The only *oops* part […]

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Mac & Cheese Revamped (and Vegan!)

It’s been a while since I posted, but as I finally have a spare couple minutes I am beginning to post all the recipes I’ve cooked and wanted to share since the start of Fall. Today, we make vegan mac and cheese from scratch. Ingredients: 2 cups uncooked pasta (your choice, I used fettucine) 2 […]

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