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Vegan & Gluten-Free Black Bean Burgers

Every vegan and vegetarian cook knows that an important recipe to have in their arsenal is a foolproof black bean burger. Sure, they sell a bunch of frozen versions, but you know that yours is better. And an extra problem for us vegetarians with celiac disease is that 90% of the pre-made veggie burgers in […]

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BBQ Tofu Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

Further proof that a gluten-free vegetarian life isn’t just full of salad! This recipe turned out phenomenal, and it might just be something that carnivores might enjoy as well. Ingredients 1 block extra firm tofu (pressed and drained) 3 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp black pepper 2 tbsp canola oil 1/2 cup […]

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